Automatic text selection from a to b with a it possible??


I’ve been searching the web for anything that talks about that but none. It all has to do with the mouse, scrolling and keyboard shortcuts, but no automation. I’ve been doing this selection project manually for the last six months but i have thousands of text block. I would definitely need a way to run an automation on these blocks. Anyone’s help or theory would be much appreciated. Oh i forgot, i use the app CopyPaste Pro as my clipboard. It’s like a giant clipboard that can hold hundreds and even thousands of copied text. Anyways, here is what i’m trying to do in detail below:

I have this text in Word:

I have several thousands of this text block. Each text block begins with <!-------------START POINT-------------->

and ends with

What’s in between those 2 points is different text from block to block. But it always starts with the same sentences.
How can i tell word, “select everything from” <!-------------START POINT--------------> to <!-------------END POINT-------------->

That way i don’t have to always scroll from start to finish of each block.



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