Automatically changing files to current date

I am hoping someone very clever can assist me. And I aplogize if this topic has been covered… i did a quick search and did not find any results.

I have multiple POV cameras we record with… but every time I remove the batteries, I have to set the date on them, and can be an long task with only three button controls… LOL

Is there a way I can write a script to “change files to the current date and time” (touch -t 201107060000.00 ) on a watch folder? I tend to dump all my videos into one folder before I burn them onto DVD.

Therefore all I have to do is drop the files into one folder on an on going basis, and the files will have the right time and date?!

Am I asking to much?

Model: Mac Pro
Browser: Safari 534.30
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.6)