Automatically continuously update websites?

I’m looking for a program or script that will allow me to set up a browser to go to a succession of websites, displaying each for a few moments (a minute or two) and then moving onto the next. Ideally, looping around to the beginning when the end of a list is reached.

Specifically, I’m looking for such a program to take advantage of the wonderful content at the Astronomy Picture of the Day ( site, where I could set up something that would show each page in succession, or even, each page, and then the larger version of the picture.

This is for a display at a Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics library, if anyone is interested in why. The display we have is connected to an Intel Mac Mini. I also wouldn’t mind suggestions for other appropriate material, on the web or otherwise, to display, though all material must be silent.

Thank you.

Hi ams16,

Here’s a post about the same site and downloading with javascript which I know a little bit more about now.

Forgot what your post was about.

Edited: I remember there was a nice site with 3d movies somewhere.


I fell asleep.

What I was thinking about was opening the web site, download the full sized picture, get the text from the “explanation”, and create a SMIL presentation with chapter track (the explanation) or just text. The reason for using QuickTime full screen is because the full scale picture doesn’t look nice in the browser. It’s too big! There are all kinds of possibilities in presenting your idea. It depends how much time you want to put in it.

Edited: it’s too bad you need to present this in the library. You may be able to add speech to the explanation or make it interactive somehow.