Automatically email leads with custom stationary in Mail based on iCal

Hi guys, new to the community…I am wondering if this is possible.

I am a wedding photographer. My contact form that people fill out ( generates an email containing a table (from Wufoo)with their name, email, the date they want me to photograph, etc. I have all my confirmed shoots in iCal, and I have also set up custom stationary that basically says, thanks for the email, it looks like I am available for your day, here is my price list, etc

I have smart mailboxes set up in Mail to collect all these contact form emails.

This would be the workflow…

I get an email from the client
it immediately goes into my “leads” mailbox
I would like to pull the name, the reply to email, and the date they need out of the email
I would then like it to check iCal to see if I have a confirmed event that day
if I do, then I would like to send an email saying I am booked
if I don’t, I would like to generate an email (using my custom stationary) that says…

Hi _____(pulled from the email), It looks like I am available for your day on _____(pulled from email)…

then send it…

is it possible?