Automatically Launch Automator Task When iPod Mounted

Hello All,

I’m very new to Automator Script Editing and am hoping some of you can help me…

I am looking for a Automator or Applescript that will automatically launch an automator task when an ipod is mounted.
Similar to - System Preferences > CD’s and DVD’s > You have the option of what action you want to happen when a new CD is mounted. I am looking for something similar to that task, but with an ipod.
If this has not been written yet or it is very difficult, is there a way I can get the automator to run an automator task every minute?

Thanks in advanced,

AppleScript can do this, as can the system itself be programmed to do it. Can I suggest that you post this to the AppleScript | OS X section of the bbs? The structure you want is a stay-open AppleScript Application containing an ‘on idle’ handler that checks periodically to see if your iPod is among the mounted ‘disks’. You might try searching there too.