automatically print emails when they arrive?

Hey, I’ve got a client who wants me to design a web site and online store for him, and he wants the emails he receives in a specific inbox to automatically print when they arrive (so he can focus on his business and not have to run to the back room and check his email every five minutes). Is there any way to have an AppleScript that runs continuously in the background, checks for new emails, and prints them? I’m not all that familiar with AppleScript but I’d like to give him what he wants if it’s at all possible.


My employer needed a similar solution for automatically printing out incoming work orders in the production zone. So I created pergamail, an AppleScript to be attached as an action to an Apple Mail rule.

It prints out all matching incoming eMail messages and can also print out certain attachments (PDF, Text, RTF and common image files).

You can download pergmail for free here:

Maybe you can also make good use of it.

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