Automating Illustrator package-process

Hi there

I’d like to know, if it is possible to automate the package-process in Adobe Illustrator (CC, CC2014 or CC2015). I have already made an solution, but only with System-Events GUI Scripting:

	tell application "System Events"
			tell process "Adobe Illustrator"
				keystroke "P" using {command down, shift down, option down}
-- paste the path				
keystroke dataDeliveryPOS
				delay 3
				repeat 9 times
					key code 48
					delay 0.25
				end repeat
				key code 36
				delay 5
			end tell
		end tell

Is there way to do this without GUI-Scripting?

Thank you for your help in advance.

Kind regards

I don’t think so.


Try to look here (inside your Illustrator folder in Application)

Applications/Adobe Illustrator CC 2015/Scripting/Sample Scripts/AppleScript/Collect for Output/CollectForOutput.scpt

Only there to do the work on the section of the collective fonts.

But the Applscript for the illustrator does not support the new features (i think since version CS2), like as pakage, delete hidden layers, save as copy, duplicate document an more.