Automating Quark Express From A Website html order.

I am very new to Applscripting and have no knowledge of it at all!

I want to automate an order from my website to input details into a Quark 6.1 file and then print it off on my laser printer. My site sells personalised stickers so all orders are personalised for each customer. I want to be able to accept orders via html email and then automate this to input the details from the order into the Quark file and then it will print it automatically.

Is this possible?

If it is can somebody help!

I hope to hear from you soon.

Best Regards

Depending on the details, you may be looking for Developer to do this for you.

Did you try posting on MacDeveloper?



Thanks for the reply. No I have not posted this on the developer site. Do you know a developer who would be interested?

Hope to hear from you!


Difficult to say of it’s possible, it depands on the details.
But you can script the mail program from apple script, use this for the input.
Then you can create a Quark document from a apple script, so that the text fields have name’s (or write a script to give the text field a name)
After that you can put the text with the correct fonts and size in the Quark document and save it, or better create a PDF file.

I make scripts like that (but don’t have time to do it for you)
The best way is to look at some scripts on the internet, or better buy a good apple script Quark book (like apple scripting Quark from Shirley Hopkins).
After some experimenting you can write them yourself.

Jan Geerling