Automating System Profiler

What has happened to the voice “Good News”? In Panther, it’s no longer listed in the Speech → Default Voice preference pane, but it is in the /System/Library/Speech/Voices/ directory, along with the other voices. I can’t get “Good News” to ‘say’ anything via AppleScript.

If you look inside its “Contents/Resources/VoiceDescription”, seems that it is an exact duplicate of the same file inside “Fred.SpeechVoice”. Corrupted?

I’ll be darned, fortunately I still have Jaguar on another drive. So I was able to delete the Panther ‘GoodNews’ VoiceDescription file and replace it with a copy of Jaguar’s ‘GoodNews’ VoiceDescription file. It showed up in the Speech Preferences pane and worked without having to reboot or restart the Finder. Thanks JJ

I sent in a bug report to ADC for this (ID# :3519073)