Automation for sending a link to my phone via Chrome to Phone

I’m wondering if the following is possible and if anyone may have some advice as I’m completely knew to Applescript.

I have a program on OSX that whenever an item on eBay is listed below a certain price it spits out the Buy It Now window to Chrome so I can then buy it ASAP.

I’d like to be away from the laptop at times so what be perfect if there was a way for the Chrome browser to send the URL to my phone. I can do this manually via Chrome to Phone, but I’d like to automate this.

So what I am hoping for is an Applescript that knows when a new tab has been opened > activates Chrome to Phone so the link is sent to my phone almost immediately.

Is this at all possible. I’ve scoured the web for a solution but all I can find is scripts to open new tabs in Chrome, not one that knows WHEN a new tab has opened.

It might be simpler to write an “on idle” script that checks your Chrome tabs every minute or so and when an appropriate one is found emails you the URL.

Really needs to be time sensitive as these items are bought within seconds; literally! Our company will probably develop a special app for this but in the mean time I was hoping for a stop gap solution.

Using growl and prowl you can get notifications sent to your phone with an alert sound and such. If you’re willing to invest in them.

If you do, here is the code I use to communicate with Prowl:

on Prowl(message)
	tell application "GrowlHelperApp"
		set the allNotificationsList to {"Test Notification"}
		set the enabledNotificationsList to {"Test Notification"}
		register as application "Growl AppleScript To iPhone" all notifications allNotificationsList default notifications enabledNotificationsList icon of application "Script Editor"
		notify with name "Test Notification" title "Information" description message application name "Growl AppleScript To iPhone"
	end tell
end Prowl

And of course set it up in the applications interface in Growl to use the Prowl platform. Sending a URL will appear as a link you can click.