Automation with Outlook, word and Excel (or another better solution)

A little background:
I work as an insurance agent and take a lot of calls to book meetings with potenital customers. Since I use outlook for mac there isn’t yet a way for me to make a template e-mail, where I can add the template text and just fill in info like name, date and time before I send it.
What I do now is that I have an excel work book where I have the following columns:
Name, Date, Time, Email, Phone
And two columns for later use:
Sale yes/no, referral.

After a session of booking I usually have a list of names, dates and e-mails.

What I do next is that I open outlooks calendar function and creat a new meeting. I copy and paste the first e-mail from the list. Then I write the subject, I write the location and fill in the date and time.
I then go to a word document I have with the template welcome to the meeting text. I copy and paste the text into the new meeting in outlook, and change variables in the text like first name, date and time. This is so the customer not only gets the date in his oh her calendar, but can also read it from the actual meeting invitation, and also since there are many different e-mail providers and e-mail and calendar apps and functions, it is best to be on the safe side.
I then check it one last time, and send it. Then I do the whole prosess again for the next customer.

And here comes the fun part.

What i want:
Alternative 1
An automator droplet where I can drop the finished excel sheet in at the end of each booking session, that reads each row and column and uses the name, date, time and e-mail to create one outlook meeting per row.
In addition to this maybe also create one appointment per row using name, date, time and phone number for me to have the info I need to connect with the customer. This will mark me as double booked, but that dosen’t matter much, since it is related to the same customer.

Alternative 2
An automator/script/droplet that I can double click each time I book a meeting that opens up a dialogue box where I fill in first name, last name, date, time, e-mail, phone number and referral.
As I press go or ok it creates the same meeting and appointment, and if referral is not empty the name, and referral will be copied into an excel sheet with todays date.

Alternative 3
A neural interface to my brain enabling me to make multiple calls and speak to multiple people, access the tools I use to calculate premiums, effectivly selling to multiple people at the same time, while also beeing able to binge-watch netflix series, eating snacks and scratching my… head.

MacOS Sierra
Office 365
Outlook for Mac v. 15.19.1
Word for Mac v. 15.20
Excel for Mac v. 15.20

If you have read this far. Thank you. By reaching these last lines, you have made my day brighter. And if you can help me, I might consider leaving my wife and dedicate my life to washing your feet and serving your beer. (FYI I’m a 6’4" tall man)


Hi there,

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Just a quick response to the point below…

I use Outlook every day for all my emails and have many templates already set up. I used ‘Signatures’ to create the templates.
When creating a new email I get the menu option ‘Draft’ up at the top. In that menu there’s the option called ‘Signatures’ and I hover over that I get the option ‘Edit Signatures’. In the next dialog/window I can create new signatures which include my template text and XXXX’s in the bits I need to fill in.

I’m using I slightly older version of Outlook but it might be a starting point.