Automator Action for controlling system time / date

I just posted a similar question in the script forum asking if they could help me solve my problem via apple script, but maybe theres an automator action out there to do just this! I’m trying to change the system date/time

Heres what i’m trying to do:

In system prefs / date & time:

Turn off: “Set date & time automatically”

Then set date and time to whatever, lets say 1/1/2001 or 2/27/2007

Then in a seperate script, turn back on “Set date & time automatically” to return to the original date/time

I’ve been looking around for a while, and thats when i stumbled on this site, hope theres some action out there for this!

Thanks everyone! I ended up running two scripts in automator, if anyone wants details they’re here:

thanks to stefanK