Automator and Folder action for Batch sequence in Acrobat Pro 9

I have created a ‘Batch sequence’ in my Acrobat Pro 9 where on my command “Run Sequence” all the scanned PDFs (using Fujitsu ScanSnap) that reside in a ‘Scan-in’ folder are processed so they are OCRed and optimized and put in ‘scan-out’ folder.
With me so far?
OK, now I want to create an Automator script and folder action so every time something comes in Scan-in folder, it triggers ‘the sequence’ and presto, I am done.
The idea is to create a paperless office automation. You take a bunch of papers and stuff in Fujitsu and hit the start button and you have nicely OCRed and Optimized files.

The next thing I would want will be to automatically move them to my iPad when I get it, but we can dream, can’t we?

Model: iMac 27"
Browser: Firefox 3.6
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.6)