Automator App Help.

I created an Automator App to help a client add their logo to PDF files. The Automator app was set up to add the logo on the top right corner on PDF files that contained pages that were in Landscape or Portrait. The Automator app worked great under 10.6 and 10.7. For some reason it is not working as desired under 10.8.

I posted the app to a dropbox account for anyone to take a look at the structure. I also am posting pictures below to show the actions involved.

First, here is where the Automator App is located:
Second, here is the logo used in my example:

Here is the breakout of how I have the constructed.

Here is the issue I am having.

If I drag and drop a PDF that is in portrait mode it adds the logo in the top right corner perfectly. If I drag and drop a pdf in landscape mode it will rotate the PDF to portrait mode and then add the logo.

When I created the automator app originally I would drag a PDF file that contained both Portrait and Landscape pages within and it would keep the landscape formats in place and add the logos appropriately. In the past OS versions when I would drag a PDF in landscape mode on the app it would add the logo (the top right corner) in the landscaped page without rotating the page.

Here are three images of what I am talking about. First example is the Portrait PDF Result (which is working) the second is the Landscape result (rotated to portrait). The third is what I am trying to accomplish.

1 - Portrait PDF

2 - Landscape PDF (rotated in Automator)

3 - Landscape PDF (result I am seeking)

I greatly appreciate your time and effort to read through this long post and offer any advice.

Please let me know if you have any questions or need further information.

Thank you again.


Model: MacBook Pro 13 In. 2.7 GHz Intel Core i7
Browser: Safari 536.30.1
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.8)

Hi brentsallee,

I wonder if the angle adjustment can change it to landscape. First I need to make a landscape pdf.

Edited: disregard that. I think it’s for the watermark. Nice puzzle.


Model: MBP
AppleScript: AS 2.2.4
Browser: Safari 536.28.10
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.8)

Think I might have it. When I create a pdf with preview, there’s an auto rotate check box.

Edited: yes, that worked.

Edited: so you need to not auto rotate when making the pdf or rotate the watermark. Next question is how can you tell if it rotated or not (landscape or portrait)?

Edited: I’m thinking that if x is greater than y, then it was rotated. I might be way off though.:slight_smile:

No, that doesn’t make sense. You’re dropping a pdf on the Automator app. It must be rotated already as in your exam ple landscape pdf. I give up. I think you need a dialog for the user to choose to rotate the logo or not. It depends on whether or not the content of the pdf was rotated. Hope I’m not too way off.