Automator Discussions/Ideas

Hello all …

In an effort to find out all we can about Automator, I’ve started a new forum. Once Tiger is released, all future entries regarding Automator will be posted here.

If you know, or recently discovered any good tidbits, please share them with everyone.


Not sure on the details because I didn’t go to WWDC, but I hear that it’s not applescript powered, but the plugin actions and the outputted workflows are compiled C++… That’s what I heard on some WWDC blog anyways…

From all the bits I’ve read so far, Automator Actions can be written in pure AppleScript as well. However, as with all 'AA’s (Automator Actions), they must fit eachother’s input and output.

Here’s my wild theory/speculation:

  1. AppleScript 2.0 makes its debut with Tiger.
  2. With it, Automator handlers are added to the AppleScript language, filling a role similar to folder actions’ ‘on adding items’ handlers.
  3. These new handlers would bridge the gap between the strict input/output requirements of Automator and vanilla AppleScript as a whole.

Anyone care to elaborate on, ramble about, dispute, or otherwise thumb their noses at these bizarre suggestions?

Hey T.J. ! Glad to see you here!

Man, you’re sooo close. :wink:

We’re working on a article due to be out this week, which I will post here too. Please stay tuned …

As always, thanks so much for supporting this forum and macscripter!