automator find key text to pluck related text into an excel sheet


I guess this is mostly to Kevin Wolfe who seems to have a handle on Automator.

I have hundreds of emails (Apple Mail) that are daily values for many dozen currencies in column format.

These files can be read by TextEdit but I have trouble making an Excel 2004 macro to read the files.

So I thought that perhaps Automator can open the mail file (using Apple Mail or text edit), search for key text like the word “date”. Then grab some text beside the word “date” and put that into the first cell in a row. Then continue to search for key text like “CAD” or “USD”, grab it and some text beside it then paist that into the next cell in a row. (Tab or CSV delimiting or paist directly into an excel sheet).

After doing that for a whole single email the routine would open the next email and continue doing the same routine for a new row. Each email would get a new row.

I know this is not enough detail to go into.

Is there hope that I can develope something in Automator that would do?


Model: PowerBook G4 1GHz (TiBook)
AppleScript: huh?
Browser: Safari
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.4)

Out of curiosity where are you getting this data? I have a need to get currency data for a client but they have some unusual country requirements.

They email me a daily update in the body of the email.