Automator not getting it done. New folders within folders & resize ima

Very new to AS.
I have a project that has a main folder with images inside. my task is to create 3 folders of resized images within it.
example: Folder with full res images and 3 different folders with images resized down.

When I do this in automator it makes the new folder and adds the other two within that structure not the main folder.

so, Folder A has to have the ful size images it already contains & 3 new folders of resized images.

Is this an applescript task or an automator task and I’m missing something?


Hey Bill,

Not totally tracking on what you are trying to do.

However there is a Folder and Finder Automator Action Pack developed by Ben Waldie, and this includes 18 new Finder and Folder automator actions that you should try.

I have it and I am finding it very useful.


Here is the link