Automator Progress as dialog

Hi everyone,

I am wondering, if it is possible to have a dialog with a progress bar for my Automator apps and workflows. I know it is possible for scripts from Script Editor, but i would like to have it in my automator apps.

I think, in theory this should be easy, as the Progress of my app is displayed in the menu Bar, when i click the spinning gear thinghy. I would love to have that exact thing as a dialog box.

I would be thankful for any insights :slight_smile:


No, itโ€™s not possible out of the box. There existed 3rd party solutions in the form of scripting additions, some of which were given Automator counterparts. One of those scripting additions was 24UAppearanceOSAX by 24U Software, and they developed a wide array of commands and objects allowing to script different facets of the user interaction tilling the land left stranded by Apple, including the Automator action of displaying a progress indicator. Apple used to support Scripting Additions but has severely limited its scope since 2018 with the release of macOS 10.14 Mojave. That led the development astray to the point of stagnation and eventual abandonment.

Unless someone writes the corresponding Automator action, you wonโ€™t be able to fit your workflows with a progress indicator. Given that Apple geares up to replace Automator with Shortcuts and the radically new approach of user automation based on AI, the chance it will happen is non-existent.