Automator skips files

Very novice to scripting and automator.

Want to be able to drop PDFs into folder A and then have it move to folder B and copy to folder C (that is mounted on a network and has a very slow copy time). Created a workflow, saved as a plug-in and set it as a folder action item. It works just fine in moving or copying to B and C whether we put one or 50 files at a time into folder A.

The problem is that if another file enters folder A while it is running the last task, the file just sits there. When the task is done, if another batch of files enters A they work just fine, but my little problem guy still sits there and looks like he’ll never join the fun.

I would have a need to have about 7 of these A folders running at a time, all tied to a different B but each going to the same C. Every time we complete a magazine, we would need to remap the old A and B folders for that title to the next issue date. Also have this checking a predetermined suffix and a finder label of green to start the task.

Wanted to see if we could do this in automator becuase it looked so simple for many employees to change our in and out folders, but if this is not possible, I guess we could move on to an apple script.


From what I understand, the script itself needs to finish before you can throw more data at it. You might have more luck having the Automator part be a separate action, not attached to a folder. Just a thought