Avoid replacing file

Nokia Multimedia Transfer can sync audio, video, photos from apps like iTunes, iphoto etc. It requires N73 to be connected in “PC Suite” mode.

I have written a script to sync my jar files in a folder to N73 memory card through Nokia Multimedia Transfer. The script works properly but it replaces existing files if they already exist in the memory card. I want to avoid this.

set afolder to "6:N73:Transfer Folder:"
tell application "Finder"
	set allitems to every file in folder afolder
	repeat with aitem in allitems
		set aitem to name of aitem
		set thepath2 to afolder & aitem
		tell application "Nokia Multimedia Transfer 1.41"
			tell device "N73"
				transfer file thepath2 to path "/E:/MySoftwares/" & aitem
				end tell
		end tell
	end repeat
end tell

I know that what i want can be done if i can connect my phone in “mass storage” mode. This is because in mass storage mode, a separate volume is mounted in Finder for the memory card. I do not like to connect it in “mass storage” mode as it requires the phone to be in offline mode and also requires me to change my messages to be stored in phone memory instead of memory card.
Here is the dictionary of Nokia Multimedia Transfer:

Hi Chris2

try maybe “without replacing”

transfer file thepath2 to path "/E:/MySoftwares/" & aitem without replacing

Thanks for the reply.
No, it did not work.