Avoiding Memory Leaks between Word, Script Debugger and Applescript?

As I have experienced Applescript via Script Debugger crashing when running certain Microsoft Word applescripts, I was wondering whether memory leaks between the two applications and the Applescript Engine might play a role.

If so, what are some best practices to reduce leaking memory between these three entities?

I doubt the issue is memory leaks. It sounds more like simple bugs.

I haven’t scripted Word, but in my experience using it for word processing and page-layout-y things like resumes (a huge mistake, which I have since given up on), I would describe Word not so much a software package, but as a collection of bugs held together with chewing gum and masking tape, that occasionally manages to perform a task.

Granted, this was mostly using Office 1998, 2003, and 2009, maybe it’s better now. But my main advice would be “choose something other than Word, if at all possible.”

You’re forgetting Office X (2001 version for Mac OS X) :wink:

I agree that all pre-2011 version wasn’t as good as the Windows versions. However Office 2011 is in design and architecture a complete new software package. It’s full Intel and the Windows versions shares (some of) the same core libraries than the Mac versions. That makes it Stable, fast and 100% compatible with Windows versions. And most importantly: exchange support.

Drawback of Office 2011 is that it’s 32-bit only, any problems related to that has nothing to do with the quality of Office itself of course.