Avoiding pop-ups in Photoshop action

I posted this in Adobe’s PS forum but it sucks over there
wondering if anyone could help out with this

I had an action in PS 6 that would save a file in three locations at various resolutions anyway I clean installed my system and forgot to back it up Dooh!

am trying to recreate this action but for the life of me can’t figure out why the action pops up dialogs on my save as commands

Any ideas

here is a picture of my action

To stop those pesky popup dialogs just click the dialog interface off. To the left of your actions you have two check boxes. When an action set is run, it looks to check the status of those checkboxes. The farthest on the left is a check box to run the particular action or not, click the box will activate or deactivate. The next check box is for dialogs. Click to deactivate. If you have a save as function and the verbose option is checked then the dialog will popup. Click the top box and none of the dialogs will run including stops, deactivating just one of the boxes will deactivate just that action.

the problem was not the dialog button because they were greyyed out i actually needed to insert item from menu in my action save instead of save as (save as automatically used the dialog without giving an option to turn it off

thank you anyway for your feedback