back up and shut down script playing up


I’ve got a simple Filemaker database backup and shutdown script saved as a run only application and triggered daily by ical (in fact I’ve got 5 of them each backing up to a dfferent day’s folder on a spare internal hard drive). I could run the scrip right now and it would work fine. However, if I leave it to run tonight, it’ll back up the files, but the machine will still be on (but unresponsive, the power light is on, but the machine won’t respond to the keyboard, etc, and the screen is black) tomorrow.

Anyway, here’s the script:

tell application “FileMaker Pro Advanced”
end tell

delay 30

tell application “Finder”
set theFolder to folder “Database” of folder “Documents” of folder “home” of folder “Users” of startup disk
duplicate theFolder to folder “Wednesday” of folder “Kev’s backup” of disk “TWO” with replacing
if the (count of windows) is not 0 then
close every window
end if
end tell

delay 120

tell application “Finder”
shut down
end tell

As the script runs fine normaly, I suspect an ical problem.

Any ideas?



Model: G4 Power Mac
Browser: Safari 312.6
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.3.9)