I am working on a script which converts a windows file path to a unix filepath.

The windows filepath looks something like this - n:\folder\folder\file.ext
and i want to convert it into something like this - /N/folder/folder/file.ext

I have made a script that finds and changes the drive letter, but i cannot figure out how to deal with the backslash,
because applescript freaks out when ever i just use a single \ and insists on using \ which now messed up my
search and replace function, which now i looking for \ instead of \

Sofar i get this into my applescript - n:\folder\folder\file.ext
I can convert it into this - /N/\folder\folder\file.ext
And when i get the applescript to paste it into finders “go to folder” it looks like this /n/'folder’folder’file,ext

So now i am really confused.

So any tips/tricks are more than welcome…



take a look at this thread


And thanks…That did the trick…