Basic Scripting Problem: Select a Folder

I’m really new to AS Studio which might explain why I’m stumbling over what should be a pretty easy thing to do: I want the user to click a button, select a folder and then have that folder be used as an alias later on.

It sounds simple but I’ve been cleaning/ building my script for hours making small changes trying to get the path to be an alias ala “Macintosh HD:Folder” not “/Folder/”. I’ve tried various things with POSIX statements but with no luck. I’ve tried copying code from other scripts and I still keep running into the same problem.

Can someone offer a foolproof example of getting the alias of a folder for this fool?

"/Applications" as POSIX file as alias --> alias "diskname:Applications:"

Aha, double "as"s. Thanks alot for clarifying that for me!