Batch Converting EPS to JPG

I’ve got a fat stack of EPS filled CDs sitting on my desk, with the command from on high being to convert all the content to JPEGs. I’d like to be able to insert each CD (or drag it to a script?) and have all the EPS files sucked out, converted and saved inside a duplicate of whatever file structure exsists on the particular CD.

I know I can do this by saving all the art manually to a folder on my desktop and then dragging it to an ImageReady droplet, but was hoping for a more elegant solution.

I figure this is a good task to start learning some AppleScript. Could someone help push me in the right direction?


Model: eMac PowerPC G4 1.25 GHz
Browser: Safari 312.3.1
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.3.9)

The best way to attack this would be to create an applescript that builds a list of the files of a chosen cd - then run the imageready action on the one at a time: This should get you started

set this_folder to (choose folder with prompt "Pick the folder containing the files to process:") as string
tell application "System Events"
	set these_files to every file of folder this_folder
end tell
repeat with aFile in these_files
	tell application "Adobe ImageReady CS2"
		open aFile as alias
		do script "Zoom out"
	end tell
end repeat

Obviously replace “Zoom out” with your action name…