Batch save Adobe illustrator files as PNG

Hi All
I am looking for a script which will do the following
Resave Adobe illustrator files as PNG with white background at 144ppi with the 'select artboards option selected on output
the resulting PNGs should have exactly the same filename as the illustrator files just with the PNG suffix instead of .ai

the illustrator files are in a parent folder with numerous subfolders, I would like the script to run on all the subfolders and save the resulting PNGs in the same folder as the illustrator file it was saved from, so if folder ‘1’ had 4 .ai files in it originally after the script was run it would have 8 files (4 .ai’s and 4 PNGs) and so on.

Can this be scripted if I run the script on the enclosing folder

Thanks in advance



You can try my app. (Remove arrows in link)

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