Batch Submit - Safari Tab Windows


I need to upload lots and lots of images to an image website, through a series of website forms (FTP is not available). What I would ideally like is to point an AppleScript to a folder filled with images, then it would open up the browser url, attach the first image, submit the form, wait five minutes for it to complete or until it finishes (very large images, so it is quite slow) and then move onto the next image, opening up a new form, attaching the image, submitting the form, etc. - repeating the process for all of the images in the folder. Is this possible?

If not, another way that I could do this would be to ‘prepare’ a series of browser tabs, with the images all attached to each form, and then a script could move through them one by one at five minutes intervals, submitting the forms.

If either of these is possible, please let me know how to do it. It would be amazing and save me an enormous amount of time, just waiting for each image to upload!

Thank you so much if you are reading this. Let me know if you need any more details.

Model: iMac
AppleScript: AppleScript 2.1.2 - Version 2.3 (118)
Browser: Safari 534.59.10
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.6)