BB question


A lot of the times when I read a post, the post is still highlighted when I revisit Macscripter. Is this normal ops?


Hi McUsr,

Yes, the BB doesn’t update the read posts sometimes. So you’re saying that it’s because of dropped packets?



I think the two issues are different, my issue with not getting in, nor getting any error message, for being network congestion, in some router along the way. And that would be caused by dropped packets yes. (But I should have gotten a time out).

Thinking about it, maybe I can construct my own route to alleviate the problem.

I have just started to interest me for this, and the problem may very well be on my side of the Atlantic.

I haven’t gathered any statistics as to when it happens and such, but I will do. If this happens to more people than me, then I suspect it to draw traffic elsewhere.

My experience with this BBS is that threads with new posts remain highlighted for a certain amount of time after you log on. If you come back again within that time, they’re still highlighted. Actually reading the posts has no effect.

Hi Nigel,

Yes, that seems to be how it works. Didn’t it go by read posts before? Anyway, it doesn’t really matter too much.


Those conditions are certainly what I get too.

Read and unread is not based on your last click but on your session which is stored in the “online” database on the server side (I had to write an few fluxbb plugins a few years back so I know). With a more recent version this problem is solved to be more accurate, this version of fluxbb hasn’t been updated in years (you can tell by the limited text parser because the there are a lot more bbtags in more current versions).