Beep works better!

When I run:

beep 1

it beeps on the first try! :smiley:

Model: MBP - OS10.10
AppleScript: AS 2.4
Browser: Safari 8.0
Operating System: Other

But multiple beeps are still pretty ragged! :rolleyes:

beep 10

I never checked 10. :slight_smile:

I can’t tell if this sounds more steady:

beep 10

on beep n
	if class of n is script then set n to 1
	repeat n times
		continue beep 1
		delay 0.07
	end repeat
end beep

Edited: no, it still isn’t consistent even at 0.1. :frowning:

Edited: disregard. Sometimes it beeps too quickly on the second beep. :confused: