Behavior of delay

Could someone running 10.7.3 run the following and tell me what they see in the log:

	on applicationDidFinishLaunching_(aNotification)
		log "Before"
		delay 10
		log "After"
	end applicationDidFinishLaunching_


osx 10.7.3, Xcode 4.1

2012-02-27 13:37:31.428 test[682:707] Before
2012-02-27 13:37:32.345 test[682:707] After

Thanks – that’s what I’m seeing.

The good news is that delay no longer uses 100% CPU. The bad news is that it delays for only a second or less, regardless of what you ask for…

Anyone still running 10.7.2 and like to try? I’m curious about when this happened.

Just another good reason to never use the delay command in ASOC.


Or perhaps more to the point: an even better reason not to use delay :slight_smile: