Best way to manage multiple views in ASOBjC Application?

I’ve been doing some searching, and there doesn’t seem to be a real clear answer.

What is the best way to manage multiple views for 1 window? I Really have no idea where to start or what methods to employ.

I initially though i’d design multiple views, then when i’m ready to change i’ll get the frame of the current view (some how hide the current view) and make the new view appear. But, i’m sure that because Xcode has been around for awhile, and this seems like it would be a hassle to developers, there must be a better way.


It’s something like you described, although there are some complications.

Sorry to sound like a plug, but chapter 12 of my book, Swapping Views, is a project to do that very thing.


It’s the same procedure as in the Finder. Select the view in the Object area and press the return key.
The name can also be changed in Identity Inspector > Document > Label

Sorry, Stefan I deleted the post.

It seems that Xcode was just having a strange turn on me. I couldn’t edit the names in the dock area. Then I quit Xcode and tried again and no problem.

Thanks for your reply though. Not sure if the Mods want to edit the thread as it probably doesn’t make much sense now!