Best way to switch from AppleScript Studio to ASObjC>

So I’ve been using AppleScript Studio to develop an application for a while. However, now that I’ve switched to OS X 10.8 and Xcode 4, I’ve been unable to build my old code. Is there an easy way to convert it to ASObjC or do I have to learn ASObjC and start over from scratch?

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There’s no magic bullet, I’m afraid.

Apart from the actual interface, that’s often the best way. Simple projects can be adapted, but many projects benefit from a whole new approach.

AppleScript-Studio uses an skeleton application that’s fully scriptable. AppleScriptObjC is an Objective-C application that uses a framework that reads in the AppleScript files that are stored inside the application’s bundle and create them into Objective-C objects and run them inside the Objective-C runtime.

The working mechanism of both are so far apart that it’s hard to make a translation tool that translates an AppleScript-Studio project into an Objective-C project. Simply because AppleScript-Studio is communicating with the application externally while AppleScriptObjC is placed in the core of the application.

It’s maybe a bitter pill to swallow but 4 years ago we were warned this would happen and now the time has come you have to learn Cocoa. So yes you have to start over from scratch :frowning:


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FYI, the old developer tools can be used on 10.8 to compile my old ASS projects.

Not a long-term solution, but can help get you out of a bind…

Hi DevEd2,

Eventually you’ll need to learn Objective C or how to convert it to Cocoa Applescript. All the documents at:

are in Objective C. The hard part to me is the conversions.

Edited: I don’t have Shane Stanley’s book, but have suspicions that how to rewrite Objective C to Cocoa AppleScript is in the book.


Why? The beauty of AppleSriptObjC is that you don’t need to know Objective-C and still can make use of almost all Cocoa’s functionalities.

Hi Dj Bazzie Wazzie,

That’s What I’m saying.