Best way to upgrade a project

Does anyone have recommendations on how to cleanly upgrade a project to a new version? Say I have my application I’m working on, and its done and has been released. Then I decided to build ‘version 2’ with lots of new features. What is the best way? Currently, I duplicate the project folder (including nibs, scripts, xcodeproj, and other items I’ve added) then proceed in xCode to update the version number, the .plist and such. I’ve had problems renaming the target application (renaming app from “myApp 1” to “myApp 2”). And ‘upgrading’ the app gives me 2 targets (one named ‘upgraded’), is that OK?
Is there a better or more approved way to make a new version?


Take a look at Sparkle. It’s free.


No, not how to update an application. How to ‘upgrade’ an older version of an xCode project to a ‘new’ version, in xCode v2.x. When I upgrade it I get an ‘upgraded application’ and numerous other things like a renamed .plist file.
I think I have successfully done this as one of my new apps works and I renamed or deleted the ‘old’ files.

Actually I do exactly what you do with the exception that I don’t rename the target. I see no need to include the version number in the name of the target. Just change the version number in the info.plist works well enough.