Beta, but rocks!

Script Editor isn’t the best scripting tool, but this beta is 1000000000 better than every previous version… Search/replace function, scriptability, contextual scripts menu, a cool “Service” (it doesn’t work here! perhaps I must re-login?)…

The first bug? I found when test-scripting Tex-Edit Plus, a script like:

set insertion point before contents of window 1 to "asdf asdf asd fasdfasd
asdf asd asd"

This will insert a LF instead a CR…

But rocks!! :smiley:

I noticed something with the Script Editor 2.0 beta “Services” feature.
It doesn’t seem to work in, say, Internet Explorer for me, but it does work in TextEdit. Maybe there’s a certain level of Services support that has to be updated on some X apps to allow this.

The information window doesn’t save your comments when you save a script as a compiled script, it does save them when you save a script as an application though.