Beta test a file please?

Please, please help? I can only hope that pleading works.

You can download the beta of imagine from:

There is a rtf file in the zip file that gives some info on the beta. To start with I really want the exif stuff tested and perhaps the movie importer and transparency.

One bit of info I forgot to mention in the rtf: Transparency will only show itself in the exported file if you export as a PNG or JP2 (JPEG 2000) document.



Kevin, I feel terrible that I haven’t offered to test iMagine but (a) I know very little about images and (b) I do very little work with images (limited to preparing them for a web site when I actually have a web site to maintain). I doubt that I even possess images (all of mine are jpg and gif) that are suitable for test purposes since GraphicConverter is the most powerful image app that I have access to.

I hope that others have stepped up to help with the beta test and I apologize for not offering to help.

– Rob

I downloaded and tested a bit. It seems incredibly robust! I couldn’t quite figure out how to extract the EXIF data from images from my digital camera. I found the AppleScript documentation to be helpful but I didn’t see fully formed scripts available for download–did I miss them? I think downloadable sample scripts would be very helpful.


Thanks Jon,

To get the exif information:

Do the following

set exifInfo to the exif data of thisImporter

where thisImporter is a graphic importer obtained from importing a graphic file.

The exif info is only a properly of a graphic or movie importer not a list of elements which looking at it after I implemented it, it should have been. You set exif info in the same way.

The exifInfo will be a record containing all of the exif data that imagine could interpret. I went through the AppleScript stuff on Saturday after I posted that release only to find lots of inconsistencies and types which I’ve fixed. For example it says you can only set one bit of exif info at a time which is incorrect.

For sample scripts, all the scripts except for the ones that relate to exif information for imagine 1.0 will work so if you download version 1 and pick up the scripts from there. They are functional scripts which could probably do with your critical eye john but they will give you an idea of how to do things.

The download link for version 1 is:

Its about 3 MB so not for those with a slow connection.

Thanks again,


Thanks Rob for your thoughts.

Further comments in relation to testing.

The readme file is incorrect where it says that the beta cannot be commanded to run in the background, I wrote that and then thought better of it and rebuilt iMagine with the change but then forgot to remove that text. It would be good if that can be tested. On 10.3 everything appears to work as it should, but I haven’t had a chance to test it on 10.2, and there is a different code path for the 10.3 version compared to earlier ones.

This means that the quit delay option can also be tried out.

Thanks again for any testing that can be done.

In relation to the exif stuff, I realized last night after replying to Jon that there was a good reason why I had implemented the exif stuff in the way that I did. It was all to do with speed and this method is twice as quick at getting all the data even if the “every” command is used to return all the data at once, and many times quicker if you do it in a loop.


OK, I’ve got the scripts from version 1 and I’ll be putting it through its paces (especially the EXIF stuff) shortly. I’ll keep you posted…