Beta Test My Applescript Studio Freeware Apps


I’ve created my first GUI application, written in applescript studio, that helps you create and modify a config file.

For those who are interested, feel free to use and test the app.

The documentation and download link can be found on the following webpage:

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For those who want to become active developers in any of my projects, please contact me.

I am looking for graphic designers, to create the missing graphics! The app does not have an icon or toolbar implemented.

This release is marked as release 0.9, with AppDNA disabled. Also the main app expires 01/06/2011 (about one month of beta testing), the config creators do not have an expiration date. The final version, release 1.0 will have AppDNA enabled and must have an icon and preferably also a toolbar with 12, 32x32 icons (which simply refer to the menu items). The app is freeware and the config creators are open-source (AppDNA).