Better way to script the «delay» command ...

-- Sleep # seconds is the best way to "wait" without unneccessarily taxing the CPU
-- Delay, believe it or not, eats CPU.
tell me to do shell script "/bin/sleep 5"


Can somebody tell me if this script is really a better way to script a delay in a script ?



Hi Robert,

/bin/sleep is indeed the best way to delay a script, but forget the useless tell me

Don’t forget though that a ‘/bin/sleep’ delay will be a few milliseconds longer than a ‘delay’ delay, depending on the speed of your processor. :wink:

Hi Stefank and Nigel,

Thank you both … Regards.


Should I do that for any delay, even a short one ?

Proof that it is possible to be more efficient at waiting…and sleeping.

Go figure…:lol:

Now if only the RealLife operating system supported this feature…:rolleyes: