Big Cat Scripts/BigCat.plugin Problem

Big Cat is a Ranchero plugin and script folder for installing AppleScripts in the Services menus of Applications. I’ve just installed it as per instructions (involves moving a file and a folder - not heavy duty) but it doesn’t appear in my Services menu in any application. As a freebie, it doesn’t have any support either.

Has anyone had any experience with this tool? Suggestions?

Hi, Adam.

I happened to look briefly at BigCat about eighteen months ago, version 1.0. The plug-in went in ~/Library/Contextual Menu Items/ and the scripts for it to run went in ~/Library/Application Support/Big Cat Scripts/Files/. (NB. “Big Cat Scripts” is three words.) When a Finder icon or Finder window area was Control-clicked, the resulting contextual menu (not the Services menu) would have an item called “Scripts”, which had a sub-menu with the names of the scripts in ~/Library/Application Support/Big Cat Scripts/Files/.

The scripts themselves required a handler called main(), which was equivalent to a ‘run’ handler in normal scripts. If this handler was given a receiving variable, the variable would be assigned a list of aliases representing the selected Finder items.

on main(x)
	-- Do something with the items of x.
end main

That was some time ago. Just looking quickly at the Web site, I couldn’t see anything about the latest version putting items in the Services menu.

I just tried this the other day (version 1.0.1), and it still works the way that Nigel described. Coincidentally, I know ThisService creates services from scripts.

Agree. I am using Big Cat for years and years and it is very reliable in launching scripts on objects (by a contextual, not a Services menu)

Thank you all. The detail I had missed :rolleyes: was that this was a cmm (even though it says so), and I was looking in the App’s service menu. I did play with thisService a bit but don’t recall why I wasn’t happy with it.