Big Sur Beta 20A5374i version issue and ApplescriptObjC program issue

Hi all,

I have an ApplescriptObjC program on the AppStore since years and testing it with Beta Sur beta. It is sandboxed and hardened and nicely requesting all that is necessary in Catalina (e.g. requesting automation rights).

But in the current version of Big Sur it has stopped requesting access to a file and of course also failing to do its job.

Does anyone have similar issues or knows even what may be wrong in Big Sur? I went through the 2020 WWDC conference talks and no mentioning of it. I also of course left a report with the Feedback Assistant, but they never reply directly.

With Console I get a deny(1) sysctl-write kern.system_version_compat error and thought that it is about the version number of Big Sur being 11.0 instead of 10.16 and changed it. But it did not change anything and also Apple claims that in the latest beta version any error due to the version number is fixed. I do not query it anyway.

Does anybody have similar experiences or knows what maybe wrong?

thank you!

I haven’t played too much with big Sure, but two bugs I know of are:

  • Functions that deal with structs, like NSMakePoint() can be problematic.

  • Variadic methods like stringWithFormat_ cause crashes on the DTK.

Understandable and justified worries, but it’s wrong to assume every Mac user is gonna use a “macOS-beta to work” with.
Every macOS update reduces dependencies to the past and big sure wants to introduce big changes, it’ll be called 11.0. So goodbye to osx.

Maybe you should consider to migrate to swift for the foreseeable future

Anyway, wait a bit before to bother yourself to early with premature modifications. Big sure is still beta.

Thank you Joy and Shane!


Actually it turned out to be my fault.
One step before the app requests automation rights (access to a file), it checks for the presence of the file.
Visually the file was present but the app kept insisting that there is no file.
I now found that the file actually really did not exist, it was just a disk image pointing to a Time Machine Backup that must have been created when I created Big Sur as a second AFPS partition.

So I removed the references and reinstalled the file and now my app recognises its presence and correctly later requests access rights.


Thanks again!