Bigger character in display dialog button


Is there anyway to make the character in the button in a Dialog window to be bigger…
Without changing my monitor res etc…etc…

display dialog "This is a smiley face" buttons {«data utxt263A» as Unicode text}

It just shows up a bit small, some of the other characters are better and some like this smiley face are just tiny…

No, you can’t.

Why are you using this character in a dialog box button in the first place? It’s not good UI.

Fair enough!

Just thought i’d ask, More of a novelty factor!!
Don’t really care whether its good UI or not!

Was just experimenting with different results.
Trying different things is a pretty good way of learning!!

It take it the app isn’t intended to be used by anyone else, then.

Why, Mickey?
Imagine pidge wants to make some kind of game - where’s the problem then with buttons showing a symbol? :wink:

@pidge: If you want to be more flexible in your user interface design I recommend having a look at AppleScript Studio/Xcode. Then almost ‘everything’ is possible (though I agree with Mickey, that it is important to keep Apples UI Guidlines in mind).


Hey Guys

Thanks for your input!

Was really just tinkering with this! For pure Novelty Value only.
I’m sure apple don’t have to worry about my scripts destroying the credability of there user interface.
Just wondering what the limitations were of the dialog button…
And a bit of a learning curve for me aswell.

Had a quick look at Applescript studio but thought i’d get to grips with just the “Applescript” part of it first…:smiley:


I don’t imagine anything except “this is a script”, since he doesn’t use the word “game” anywhere. As 99.99999999999% of scripts are not games, and AppleScript makes an awful game language in the first place, it is MORE than reasonable to assume, lacking any evidence to the contrary, that we’re not talking about games.


A smiley face button on a dialog box tells the user absolutely nothing about the consequences of pressing the button. That’s why I said what I said.

Hey Mikey

is all i was after really an honest answer… to a simple question thank you!

I only wanted to know if the text could be made bigger!!

Thanks again…:slight_smile:

If that helps, it seems that the whole issue has become a lot bigger…