Bind usb device like footswitch or contour shuttle to youtube video control

I watch a lot of youtube (vimeo) video’s for training / learning purposes.
While taking notes, screenshots etc, there’s frequent need to start / stop / pause the video. This means a lot of switching focus from one application window to another etc.

I’m looking for a way:

  • to use any usb device like a footswitch or a Contour Shuttle to control the video playing
  • but also limit that usb device to “only” control that specific device
    Purpose is to exclude interaction while being on the wrong or other application window.

What would maybe also help (but haven’t found a way either) would be to be able to set a kind of “coloured” aura or edge around the active window. That would help avoiding interaction while on the “wrong” application window.

Is this recognisable to other forum users?
How do you go about this?
Could e.g. Keyboard Maestro help with this?

Thanks for your help & suggestions!