Binding a table columns visibility

In my table view there are 14 columns that are bound to an array controller to hold the values.
Although all the values in each column of every row are needed for my application to process the information the user may not want to look at them all.

for example a typical row may contain, a filename, the full file pathname, the file size, the file icon, the creation date etc.

In interface builder there is a check box to hide a column, but I cannot seem to see anyway to bind that value to anything.

ideally I would like to have a view menu, populated with all the column names - then the user could tick just the columns that they wanted to see in the table.

Is it possible to do that with bindings - or would I have to code it in my script.

You’ll have to code it.

You can also right click on the table header and assign a contextual menu to it. This makes it easy for the user to show/hide columns. Just attach your code to the menu items.

didn’t think of right clicking there - brilliant thanks.