Bitwise Operators

I am new to AppleScript and am trying to determine if it will work for a quick little communications project where I need to calculate CRC’s to verify data integrity. Can I do binary arithmetic in AppleScript?

You can use “do shell script” and lots of available built-in crc tools. Eg:

set i to quoted form of POSIX path of alias "path:to:file.txt"

---> CRC32
do shell script "printf "%08X" `cksum -o3 " & i & " | awk '{ print $1 }'`"

--> MD5
do shell script "openssl md5 < " & i

--> MD4
do shell script "openssl md4 < " & i

--> MD2
do shell script "openssl md2 < " & i

--> RMD160
do shell script "openssl rmd160 < " & i

--> SHA
do shell script "openssl sha < " & i

--> SHA1
do shell script "openssl sha1 < " & i

For the MD4-Mlnet calculation, you need “ed2k_hash” (search Google).
For SHA2, you can use the command-line tool of the same name by Aaron Gifford, here:

Anyway, answering your question, there is not bitwise nor any kind of binary operators in AppleScript. You should implement your own solutions as handlers (as, eg, though not example of bitwise):