Bizarre Image Events Script

Can some let me know what is going on here…

set Imagefile to choose file

tell application "Image Events"
	set theimage to open Imagefile
	set dimens to dimensions of theimage

	set x to location of theimage
end tell


tell current application
	choose file
		alias "Whopper:Users:johnclark:Documents:WEBSITE TESTING:green:PROCESS FOLDER:adult portfolio:32LAP534ANER.jpg"
end tell
tell application "Image Events"
		current application
	open alias "Whopper:Users:johnclark:Documents:WEBSITE TESTING:green:PROCESS FOLDER:adult portfolio:32LAP534ANER.jpg"
		image "32LAP534ANER.jpg"
	get dimensions of image "32LAP534ANER.jpg"
		{2704, 4064}
	get location of image "32LAP534ANER.jpg"
		folder "Whopper:Users:johnclark:Documents:WEBSITE TESTING:testImages:"
end tell

As you can see the choose file path is different to the image location path. The image location is where the original image was opened (in a another script ).

Is there a cache somewhere that is storing info?

the original script gives an alias location to Graphic converter then passes the path to Image Events. I have tried converting the alias back to a hard path and using open file xxxx in Image Events but the same applies



fellows, no offense, but please read the dictionary of the applications

image (noun), pl images: An image contained in a file

image file get file the file that contains the image
location get disk item the folder or disk that encloses the file that contains the image

Thank you Stefan

Wrist firmly slapped…