Book loans renewal script


I’m trying to create a simple script to automate the process of renewing my book loans from our university library (I’m often too lazy to do it by hand and therefore get fined…). I know that this task shouldn’t bee to hard but I’m still not too good with AppleScript and asking the help from you guys :slight_smile: Thank you for any help!

Here’s the steps of the renewal process:

  1. Open new Safari browser window and open following address:

  2. Fill in the three fields on the page with predefined variables x, y, and z.

  3. Press “Login” button

Form’s name=“logonpage”

  1. Select second option (“Renew all…”) from a drop-down menu
Renew checked items Renew all items from Aalto-yliopiston kirjasto,Töölö / Aalto University Library,Töölö

Form’s name=“frm”

  1. Press “Renew items” button

Form’s name=“frm”

  1. Log out (you can use direct address: )

  2. Close the browser window