Book recommendations...

Hey there-
I do not have a background in programming, so it seems AppleScript is a good language to start in. I have written some minor scripts, mostly starting by recording some actions and picking apart the code to understand it and learn how to modify it. I have a handle on the basic logic behind it.

I’m looking for good (and recent) AppleScript books for beginners. I already have “ApplesScript for Dummies,” which got me only so far. I’ve investigated books (through Amazon, and such), but I am looking for people’s personal recommendations. Maybe there’s even some instructional CD-ROMs out there.

I’d also like to know of any books that are out yet on AppleScript Studio.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Carl,

I have started to read the O’Reilly AppleScript book “AppleScript in a Nutshell”, it is a great primer and a good reference for both new and experienced users. I might also suggest tinkering around at the Apple website for the online AppleScript information they have and try the links at for other stuff. Also, the AppleScript ScriptingAdditions if dropped on to the AppleScript app will open up and give some interesting tidbits of info about commands and other things.

Enjoy it and have fun, it’s a great learning environment and powerful too.

I highly recommend Danny Goodman’s book as well. However, I’ve also learned a great deal from Ethan Wilde’s books.

There just happens to be a review of his latest edition right here:

AppleScript for Applications, by Ethan Wilde - 2001 Edition


Good luck and always remember you can post your questions on this BBS and we’re all glad to help.