Boolean values not working?

im a noob at applescript and i want to set the boolean values of some window propeties, but whenever i set one, it says: NSInernalScriptError (8)

all the over properties im setting work fine except for the boolean ones.
heres the code:

on awake from nib theObject
	set image of image view "image" of window "main" to load image "AboutBox"
	set alpha value of window "main" to 0.8
	set background color of window "main" to "clear"

    -- not working!!!!
	set titled of window "main" to false

end awake from nib

like i said, it works except for that last property.

You said…

“titled” is not a valid property of windows (according to the AS window doc’s). If you want no title, then you must set the title’s string value to an empty string…

set title of window "main" to ""

If you are trying to get a window with no title bar, this is not possible using just applescript. You must override the window class of the target window with a custom cocoa class, as described in my post in this thread.

Good luck…