Brand New Application White Pages is now available on Mac App Store

Whole written in AppleScript application “White Pages” is now available no Mac App Store (USD 3.99)

This is a PDF blank page remover. It recognizes white page only and remove them.

Congrats, but that’s pretty expensive for approx. 10 lines of code :wink:

Oh…It is interesting approach. I call it Fredrik method. It is epoch-making!

Fredrik method does not know PDF contains graphics.
Fredrik method cannot detect graphics only page.

In White Pages, all of pages are rendered into image and check if it is perfect white or not.

Original AppleScript program used Adobe Photoshop to render PDF and detect white or not by calculating image histogram.
My White Pages application uses 100% AppleScript based white detection function.
It is faster than Photoshop or GPUImage.framework (Objective-C).

Can you count my source code? It is a curious supernatural power.