Bug in Choose Folder and OpenPanel with Samba volumes?


Using a standard Choose Folder on Samba volumes mounted on Mac I can go in depth and choose subfolders of a particular folder when the script is opened in Script Editor for write the code…
But when I compile it as Application (only executable) I cannot go inside a folder of Samba volumes during choose folder.
No problems with AFP volumes.

The same trouble with Open Panel (NSOpenPanel) for choose directory.
No problems selecting sub-folder of folder with AFP volumes. Impossible to select sub-folder of folder with Samba volumes mounted on Mac.

macOS 10.13.6
Script Editor 2.10

Anyone can reproduce this and confirm me if this is bug or not?

Stefano - Ame

On 10.12.6, I saved

set x to choose folder

as a run-only application, ran it, and I can browse deep into an SMB mounted volume and select folders and files. The SMB volume is provided on a server running samba.

I don’t have 10.13.x available to test here, but at least on Sierra on the computer I tested on, I can not recreate the problem.

Running the same macOS version as you and both tested from an applet and script editor. Tested an old Samba 3 share, Apple’s implementation of Samba and on a Linux (openSUSE) share. I tested it on shares with an AFP share on the same volume and Samba shares only too. It doesn’t fail on me.